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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 15, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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bart to the south bay. the project is first in san jose where crews will dig for new tracks. the route is ten miles long. it will run from south fremont to san jose. the san jose bart extension is expected to open in 2018. to help you avoid the construction today we will go back to leyla gulen for a look at the alternate routes. >> good morning, everyone. in san jose, that is where we will see the bart construction project. it is called the bart silicon valley extension project that will last from seven to nine months from monday through saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. but here are the alternates you go from here to the sierra. also, capital avenue will run parallel to the closing so that will help you avoid the detours. give yourself extra time. >> and there is another bay area
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transportation project. crews will begin the interstate 80 rehabilitation project with the repair and repaving of an 8-mile stretch of the highway affecting traffic in both directions. the $40 million project will be completed by fall of next year. >> sold in sacramento officials will hear challenges to building a new arena for the warriors in san francisco. the proposed water front arena on piers 30 and 32 faces stiff operation from neighborhood and environmental groups. opponents will testify before the committee on natural resources which they say skirts environmental guidelines by the bay conservation commission. the $1 billion plan calls for building a multipurpose arena, shopping mall and a hotel. >> the highway patrol says a chattered tour bus from the bay area was going too fast when it crashed outside of yosemite
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national park on saturday night. we got this photograph of the crash that injured 15 passengers and a tour guide. the driver was not injured. the bus veered across highway 41, up an help bangment and into a tree. the charter is based from burlingame. most passengers are from the bay area. the driver from fremont told investigators there was a steering problem. >> the push to ban plastic bags throughout all much california take as big step failure today. state senator will introduce a bill to phase out the use of single use plastic bags by 2015. 70 cities and counties already batch the bags. a bill similar to his is making its way through the state assembly now. two previous attempts on a ban have been stopped by lawmakers. >> a report on the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno finds engineers warned pg&e of safety concerns years before the
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blast. new documents on thed by the san francisco chronicle show that pg&e slashed spending if inspections and maintenance three years of with the 2010 explosion. according to the report, company engineers warned executive that they were endangering the public and risking state fines. pg&e lawyers responding to the findings saying that budget decisions by executives did not amount to wrongdoing. >> today, members of the community will weigh in on a controversial proposal to cut the number of liquor licenses in parts of san francisco. the community leadership alliance of san francisco is raising concerns about the high number establishments serving liquor in the north beach and broadway neighborhoods. people living in the area say friday and saturday have turned local streets into a bar crawl. a public meeting to reduce liquor licenses is set for 3:30 this afternoon at the san francisco main public library on
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larkin. >> there was a dramatic rescue off the coast near big sur. the coast guard rescued the people from a raft after their tugboat sank yesterday. this is video of the helicopter rescue thin miles off the coast. a marine recovery team pulled the boat back to shore. >> panic for tax procrastinators when turbo tax crashed. the company was flooded with cames and posts, but was up and running a short time later. the first time in my life i have completed my taxes early. >> really? >> last week. a whole week early. >> congratulations. is that because you expect a refund? >> you know...i will buy you a coffee. i will even buy you a pastry.
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>> mike nicco, how is the weather? >> on this monday, april 15th, the fastest ends are gusting up to 13 miles per hour so well see if it will cause flight arrival delays. we are gusting to 23 in san jose and 21 in novato and 17 in livermore and everyone else is ten or below. the big story is the breezes headed into the afternoon and the winds along with the cooler conditions. it will be sunny with mid-50's along the coast and upper 50's to low 60's around the bay and low-to-mid 60's inland. moving forward, today is the code of the day in the forecast and we will get back to where we are supposed to be tomorrow, above average if wednesday and especially as we head to thursday with 80's inland and 60 at the coast. now the monday morning commute. traffic is not too taxing so far
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as we look at oakland area. we have construction this morning, and the northbound 880, 23s are avenue off ranch will be shut down until 6:00 a.m. with slowing there and volume moving past that area of construction and evening else is pretty clear as we look at the drive through marin, the commute down 101 headed into central san rafael the drive is not seeing any problems so you will be taking a quick drive into sauce least and over the golden gate. >> 4:39. a new round in the legal battle over california's death penalty. the pitch the state is about to make to get executions going again at san quentin. >> help for young baseball players in the east bay, an abc7 news story led to
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>> covering daly city, dublin and los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> tomorrow, california will try to revive the death penalty system. the first district court will review a 2011 stopping executions. the order came over prison failures to use one drug rather than three to put unmates to death. if the state switches to a single drug approach the move requires more than a year's worth of legal hearings. >> professional athletes on california teams stand to lose state workman's compensation insurance for injuries on the job. they will meet with players and league officials from pro football, hockey, basketball and baseball to discuss it. the measure by a fresno democrat, closes what he sees as a loophole that allows out of state players to file worker's compensation claims in california. a 49ers player is expected. the bill will be taken up april
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24. the nfl players association will hold a news conference to voice opposition and protect players' rights. >> an 8-year-old wasteful player whose heart stopped beating after being hit in a chest is in stable condition this morning after children's. he was on the way to first base and he collapsed. abc7 news reporter says two spectators jumped in and helped save his life. >> the young players took to the field on this sunny sunday and rohnert park but everyone was mindful of the fate of an eight-year-old boy playing for the blue jays the day before. >> i was behind the plate and this kid got hit in the heart with the ball. >> the 14-year-old was there, standing right behind home plate as the umpire. >> he went to first, like he tripped once, and he got back up and he fell again and he did not get back up. >> fortunately we had two off duty paramedics in the stand, watched it happen, quickly came
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to his aid and realized he needed cpr. >> the boy stopping breathing and had no pulse. emergency crews arriving at the ball field used a defibrillator to get the heartbeating. he was taken to this hospital and life flighted to children's hospital oakland. >> it could have been my kid. absolutely. some of the kids throw hard. it is amazing. my kids are at bat, it could happen to anyone. >> the pitches fly at 30 to 50 miles per hour. >> we know what a baseball can do. this is proof. >> witnesses say the boy actually told his coach as he was being load on the life flight helicopter asking him questions about his steps so he is a dedicated baseball player and the good news is he is recuperating. >> good news for richmond little leagueers. their season will go on despite the theft of a lot of their
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equipment. several players from the team were treated to lunch at lefty oh odoolle's restaurant. >> richmond little league got their commitment stolen so our foundation for kids, our specialty is supplying kids with baseball equipment. >> the foundation presented the league with a check for $1,500 and that is enough to replace blah was -- what was stolen and ensure a full season. >> that is what we like to hear, especially jackie robinson, number 42. >> and everyone will wear their 42 jerseys including the oakland a's. >> normally that doesn't happen because the jersey is retired across the entire major leagues
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but just on this day to day. >> the giants do it tomorrow because they don't play today. >> now, what is going on outside, everyone. that happened a couple years ago when they decided to retire his number could completely. live doppler 7 hd shows hue quiet -- how quiet it is. the cooler weather and winds are the big story. all of us are in the mid-to-upper 40's, san francisco, oakland, san jose, palo alto and mill valley. the bay bridge and santa rosa, 41. napa and fairly at 45. livermore is at 48. union city is at 54. those are some of the warmer spots. the boundary shows with the cloud cover here, that is the colder air coming in and the high pressure. all the cold air is being pulled down from alaska and putting it in our lap for the better part
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of today and tomorrow. the highs today are well below average and low low-to-mid 60'sm the south bay. as we head up the peninsula well start around 61 in palo alto and drop to the upper 50's in millbrae and san mateo with breezes through the gap. a few upper 50's along the coast and that is it. upper 50's in downtown south san francisco. sausalito through the north bay up to santa rosa and napa around 51 to 63. we will be in the mid-to upper 50's at your beaches and near 60 along the east bay her -- shore. mostly sunny today with passing clouds from time to time. there will be sheltered valleys in the north bay and in the upper 30's. most of us are in the low-to-mid 40's is significantly cooler tomorrow. tomorrow we are back to average and away from the coast above average on wednesday. we will top out thursday with
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near 80 inland and mid-70's around the bay. we will see temperatures fluctuate a degree or two here headed through friday, saturday, and sunday. it looks dry all seven days of the forecast. leyla gulen? >> the drive from san jose to downtown san jose the lights northbound on 87, it is good. and major bart construction with the detours in place later this morning. at walnut creek the drive down there is a quick route making the commute to 24 but we seeing a little bit of slowing there along southbound 680 so not too bad but it is building this early hour. we do have some closings look the great highway and it is all due to gusty winds with wind advisories along the bay bridges. the great highway ised slow in this area.
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kristen? authorities in washington state will decide whether to resume the search for a hiker missing after an avalanche. the ball of snow killed a female snow shoer and hit several groups of people hiking in the cascade mountains east of seattle on saturday. a 60-year-old man is missing. the search if him was suspended because of bad weather. >> starting this morning, the aid health care foundation in southern california will offer free vaccines for bacterial meningitis in response to new fears of a deadly meningitis outbreak among gay men. a man died over the weekend after being critically ill after attending a major party for the gay community in palm springs, two weeks ago. officials say they don't want to cause panic but they are taking an active stand and offering free vaccines at clinics in west hollywood and los angeles. >> we know distracting driving is risky but there is something more dangerous if teens than using their cell phone behind
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the wheel. >> you can expect relief at the pump. we will tell you what is driving
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>> new this morning a busy interchange in the east bay is getting a much needed fix to ease the morning and evening commute. the contra costa finals reports the interchange at highway 4 and interstate 680 at martinez and concord has been so bad the voters approved a sales tax to fix it 25 years ago. the $400 million improvement project includes widening the highway. the transportation authority board will authorize the design portion of the property on wednesday. >> young drives are getting the message that distracted driving can be deadly. what could be more dangerous is driving alone. a study finds when young drivers have other people in the car they are less likely to reach for their cell phone or not pay attention.
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drives define 16 and 21 were shown to be increasingly susceptible to distraction when driving alone. 95 percent of those surveyed admitted to talking on their cell phone while driving. even reading e-mails and text and snapping photos and even watching videos while driving the. >> my gosh. there is good news about summer gas prices. analysts say drivers can expect to pay less. according to energy information protest, prices for regular gasoline will average $3.63 a gallon, a six cent drop from last summer. $3.63 is more than today's average the prices usually rise in the summer, the height of the driving season. analysts say drivers can expect relief because of growth in oil production. >> six environmentalists from around the world will be honored today in san francisco. the goldman environmental prize is $150,000 honor, the largest prize no grass roots
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environmentalists. more than 100 people from 82 countries have won the award this year, and a woman from chicago is among the recipients. the ceremony is at 5:00 p.m. at the war memorial opera house. >> now, the winds this morning. >> i was week knuckling it the whole way to work with windows rattling overnight. >> sleeping? >> i heard them last night, too. >> that and not help with the 1:00 o'clock a.m. wake-up call? >> mike? >> that is the big story the wind and the cooler weather. if you are going to the game tonight with first pitch tonight it will be down to 54 and dropping to 48 degrees by the end of the game! one of the older games in a long time. you can see a little snow shower showing up on the radar, a couple of those, and that will be what is happening across the spine of the rockies today. a few showers, some in the higher elevation but mostly rain temperatures in the mid-to-upper
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60's and 73 in fresno through the central valley and 42 in tahoe. leyla gulen has the traffic. >> we have road work were wrapping up on the golden gate bridge from marin to san francisco. you can see there are flab lights and they are picking up the cones now. we have a high wind advisory on the richmond and san rafael bridge with construction westbound direction with a couple of lanes blocked until 6:00 a.m. in oakland, as you make the drive along southbound 880, at the high street off-ramp that is going to be shut down until 5:00 a.m. so it should pick up in a few short moments. back to you two. >> proposed immigration bill is expected to be introduced tomorrow will not give clearance to those who enter illegally. a proposal by florida senator rubio will put millions here illegally on a path to citizenship requiring them to
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pass a rigorous background check and pay fines in application fees to receive a permit and would toughen border security requirements. authorities in indonesia are struggling to removed a crashed air jet that went in the sea. all people on board survived the crash when it slammed into the water and split. the jet liner is afloat but too heavy to try to tow. the plan is to cut it into several pieces to protect delicate coral reefs and they are working on retrieving the voice recorder which is in the submessaged tail section. >> the f.a.a. is ordering special inspections and replacement of parts on the most widely used jetliner. improperly manufactured parts will be looked at, at 1,000
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boeings. the problems could cause pilots to lose control. >> a volcano is spewing ash in the sky over central mexico. mexico's volcano is getting act ive again and is in area east of mexico city and has been spewing smoke over the weekend with the winds carrying the smoke over mexico city. authorities say there is no need to evacuate but they are monitoring the situation closely. >> here is something you don't often see, check out this video, a gorilla running away...from a goose. this was captured by zookeepers in kansas and you can see the gorilla backing away from the bird. some geese ended up in the end closure and they decided they didn't want the gorilla around. >> they are like that when they have gosling around.
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i feel for the gorilla. >> a controversial casino being built right now in the north bay is promising thousands of jobs. why opponents say job seekers could be disappointed. >> the bay area family takes the grief over the suicide of their daughter to court and the vow they are making to make the
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>> koch kgo. >> good monday morning to you at 5:00. i am kira klapper filling in for
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eric thomas. >> it is a girl's show? >> hello? hell three? hello? >> mike nicco is here. hopefully the wind is blowing the right way today. speaking of winds, we have at sfo the fastest wind and half moon bay in san jose is gusting to 23 and novato is at 21 and 18 in san carlos. >> windy along the coast until 9:00 tonight with temperatures around 57 to 63. the coast is in the mid-to-upper 50's and breezy inland with low-to-mid 60's. >> as we look outside this is the drive headed into the maze from berkeley, you are looking at the tail lights along
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westbound 80 and it is looking clear. as you make it to the tolls, we will look at that, you do not have too much company. the drive is still easy, as you make it to san francisco and speaking of breezes go have high wind advisory for some of the bridges across the bay area so drive with caution. in the east bay, the drive along 580, you are down to 40 miles per hour at tracy with plenty of traffic over the altamont pass and then it will losen up. >> the family of the saratoga girl who committed suicide after being sexually assaulted at a party will hold a news conference this morning. the abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the courthouse in san jose with new developments. amy hollyfield? >> they will announce a new lawsuit. they will take their fight here to the courthouse for a couple of reasons. saratoga high school student audrie pott commit


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